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  1. Trying out this forum to try replicate an issue that a community member is having. However, to make this post informative too, I would like to take this opportunity to update everyone on some great progress in the translation project:

    1. Korean: 82% complete
    2. Indonesian: 43% complete
    3. Thai: 38% complete
    4. Spanish: 18% complete

    Thanks a lot to all contributing community members. We will convert some of these translations (at its current progress) to its corresponding .properties files, so that everyone can benefit from these contributions.

    1. If you need help translating from English to Spanish just contact me and I`ll help

      1. Yes, you are most welcomed. Just sign up at and feel free to collaboratively translate Joget Workflow to Spanish with other community members

        1. Sorry to bother you but I registered, recieved the e-mail but when I select the link included in the e-mail it says that the web page couldn't be found, so i can't activate the account

          1. No, problem. We have manually activated your account. Maybe something gone wrong just now. You can now login to

        2. Help me! When i register a account in, it publish error:

          Server Error

          An error has occurred. Thank you for your patience.

          1. Hi Thanh Son, please check your email :)

          2. Help me!I have the same the problem, I can not register in your website!My register email are such as or!Thank you!

    2. Hi, I´ll like to contribute on translating into Spanish, but when trying to register my self the web page comes up with a server error. Any ideas?

      1. You can email your detail to then the kind souls there will sort out the issue for you!

  2. I'm registered on and can translate from English to Russian. If you want this help.

    1. Valdimir,

      Surely you will do us a big favour here and benefit the whole community! Thanks!

    2. Hi Vladimir,

      We have created Russian language at Would be undeniably great having your help in translation. Thanks

  3. hi

    Would like to help translating (german) but can not sign up - showing an error, please sign me up

  4. Hi!

    I wanted to ask, what is happenning to .po files after upload?

    there is a chance to make offline transaltions ?

    I was looking up in joget directories but I didn't find any .po files.

    Best regards!

    Ps. I wanted also to register on translate Page but there is an error.

    1. Once you have uploaded a .po file, the translated messages will be saved into database, which will be used by Joget Workflow during runtime.

      Though it is possible to manually translate in the .po file that you have downloaded from, but you will lose the power of community - as in an aggregated effort from other contributors.

      We hope you can be one of the contributors at too

      1. HI Again,

        I am bit confused,

        Thx for solving issue with translate account. But I don't see download options. Also I  was checking RDBMS structure and I don't see place for language options, any clues?

        I want to use translate service to make official translations, but also I would like to do some translations using CORP speaking for individual project.

        Thx in advance.

        Best Regards!


        I found download options.

        Best regards!

        1. Take a look at the wf_resource_bundle_message table in Joget Workflow database, for translated messages imported from .PO file. Besides, the resource bundle for Form Builder (, Workflow Management Console ( and Help ( can be found in joget-installation-dir/apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps/wflow-wfweb/WEB-INF/classes/

          1. Excellent thx a lot!

  5. Hi my friends,

    I want cooperate with Joget translating to Portuguese_BR, but only Portuguese is available.

    I try to register for translate but isn't working.

    I'm waiting for contact!


    Francisco Goncalez

    Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

    1. Hi, you have got an email ;)

      We have also created a new pt_BR translation project. Thanks in advance for your contribution.

  6. We want to use Joget as the basis for a basic case management system in Kabul.  This will require translation to Dari for the end users.  We have been unable to register with the Translation Registration system.  What is the extent of the files that would need to be translated to support Dari and is there any support for the Persian calendar?  Right to left text? 

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kent, I will send you an email with your login details for the Joget Translations portal.

      I can't find Dari language in the Translations platform, but the closest option found is Persian (FA), at

      Joget Form Builder doesn't have an element for Date Picker of Persian calendar yet. But in v3, the plugin architecture allows a new form element to be added by developing a plugin.

      1. Tiensoon - thank you for the additional information.  Is the Gregarian calendar also a plug in - so would the effort be to modify this plug in to represent the Solar Calendar?  Is it obvious where the calendar function is housed in the application?

        Secondly - is it possible to support right to left writing (I am assuming that this is already done for Arabic?

        Finally - is there one more step to set up the process for translating into Dari?

        Thanks again!


        1. Hi Kent,

          This is the Java source of the Data Picker element, and this is the template file.

          Yes, right-to-left display is supported.

          "is there one more step to set up the process for translating into Dari?" Do you mean, to support Dari as one of the supported languages at

          1. Hi Tiensoon,

            Thank you.  Again a very helpful assistance!!

            In re Dari:

            1) Is there a guide for how to do the translation?

            2) Is there a specific work space on the Wiki where we should work the Dari translation - or simply with the files that you sent me last week?

            3) Can you tell me which of the files require translation for the end users vs. the administration of the system.  We are not concerned with translating the admin side of the solution - just the front end that they end users will be using since in most cases they do not speak English.  We anticipate that the Administrators will have English language skills.



  7. Could you add "Japanese"?


    1. Kon'nichiwa,

      Thanks for your interest in Joget Workflow, we have added Japanese into the translation site now.

      1. Konnichiha :)

         I will try to find time for translating into Japanese.

        Thank you, Hugo.


  8. I tried to register myself into pootle account, but I can't do it due to "server error". Would anyone help me out?


    1. Hi there,

      I have emailed you the details. Please check your mail. Thanks!

  9. HI

    I have uploaded Persian.po files, but I can't see Persian locale (fa) in System Locale. can any one help me?


  10. Hi,

    For IT solutions in Quebec (Canada) because of Bill 101, French translation is a requirement, so I would like to help you translate Joget WF 3 in Canadian French but for now there is only a link for French with no specifications on the Region.

    The thing is that the French people from Europe countries do not use the same French as us in Canada.  

    That is why I would really appreciate it if you were able to create a new translation page for Canadian French so I can choose it in the settings pane.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Marc,

      We will add this in a day time. Thank you very much for your support.


      1. Could you upload the french (.po files) so I don't have to start from scratch.

        It would be appreciated.


        P.S. Do I have to import the .po files by myself, if so where are they located??

        1. Hi, I found the zip archive for the French translation (

          I downloaded it then added _CA at the end of the .po files' name.

          I tried to upload them to the French canadian directory but the server won't let me.

          Thanks for your help in advance

  11. Ok now we got 97% of the French Canadian translation done but I would need some more information concerning certain strings.

    Here they are: 


    I put in red what I consider to be english errors. It’s either : Use this if ….. or Used if….  Am I right?
    ·         Used this if the group(s) that a user is belonging to, is kept in LDAP user entry. eg. groupOf
    ·         Used this if the department(s) that a user is belonging to, is kept in LDAP user entry. eg. memberOf
    ·         Used this if the user(s) of the group, is kept in LDAP group entry. eg. Member
    ·         Used this if the HOD of the department, is kept in LDAP department entry. eg. Manager
    ·         UUsed together with "Attrbute Mapping - HOD" or "Attrbute Mapping - Users". eg. distinguishedName
    ·         Used this if the admin role of user(s) is kept in LDAP entry. eg. Member
    ·         Continue on adding record

    (Is this the same as saying : Continue to add records?)


    ·        Insert free text expression participant (What is a free text expression?)
    ·         Finish mode
    ·         Multiple outgoing transitions without split type defined
    ·         Multiple incoming transitions without join type defined
    ·         Split - join missmatch in 'Full blocked' mode - more splits (Full blocked?)
    ·         Split - join missmatch in 'Full blocked' mode - more joins
    ·         Split - join missmatch in 'Full blocked' mode - different types
    ·         Conditional transition for AND split in 'Full blocked' mode
    ·         No otherwise transition for XOR split in 'Full blocked' mode
    ·         No corresponding join activity in 'Full blocked' mode
    ·         No corresponding join activity type in 'Full blocked' - XOR used instead of AND
    ·         No corresponding join activity type in 'Full blocked' - AND used instead of XOR
    ·         Improperly connected activity multiple incoming transitions
    ·         Improperly connected activity multiple outgoing transitions
    ·         Package and external packages dependence
    ·         Package and external packages print view

    ·        Parameter Passover Method (Could not find a definition for passover)
    ·         HTML display after Header block
    ·         HTML display before Footer block
    ·         HTML display before Content block

    Thank you for your help in advance!

  12. i am using Trados tool. However, it is really to hard to use it, have anyone tried it? can you instruct to me?

    1. Hi Clover,

      You are most welcome to contribute to Joget's translations at For Trados, you should probably try to reach out for help at Trados's official channel instead.


  13. Hello,


    I would like to contribute by translating to Hebrew, which is not listed here.\

    Hebrew is the spoken language in Israel and it's in the same family of Right to left (RTL) languages, like Arabic 

    How can I get started?


    Kind regards,



  14. Hi Eran,

    Hebrew is now listed as a language at

    Thanks for your interest in contributing to the translation efforts.