Sporting a look and feel similar to Form Builder, Datalist Builder offers an intuitive way of constructing a list of cumulative field values from all workflow process instances associated with the selected form. In other words, any time a user fills out a form, a row is added/updated in the database table associated with that form, and the data is presented in a datalist.

To start, under 'Select Binder' choose the Form Data Binder. Under 'Select Form', choose the form which you would like to use to build the datalist.

Once you have specified the source, you can drag-and-drop columns to the design content pane. Note that the columns are from the table associated with the form you have selected for the datalist. Any column listed in normal, non-italicized text (e.g., 'Date Created' or 'ID') is a field contained in the selected form. Columns that are listed in italicized text (e.g., 'finalInsuranceInfo') are columns that are in the table but not present in the selected form. Remember that other forms may have been assigned to the same table, which is why those other columns appear after you select a form. Either way, you can select non-italicized (form fields) or italicized (other columns) to add to your design content pane. 

Dragging filters to the top section of the page allows users with access to the datalist to filter or search by the filters placed in that section. 

Figure 1: Datalist Builder
Yellow - Quick Selector to easily switch between forms, datalists and userviews
Red - Main Menu
Purple - Element Palette
Blue - Design Content Pane

Once you've added a column to the design content pane, you can mouse over to delete it or modify its properties. You can change the label (so you're not stuck with a column name) and allow the column to be sortable. You may also add an Action Mapping or Formatter to the property. See List How-Tos for more details.

Datalist Elements

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