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Equal Value Validator allows you to enforce validation on two fields. The value of the two fields must match before a form can be submitted. In the sample form below, we are going to validate the "Verification Key" and "Confirm Verification Key" fields to be of equal value.

Figure 1: Adding Equal Value Validator Into the Form

ID: verificationKey
Label: Verification Key

ID: confirmVerificationKey
Label: Confirm Verification Key

In the confirmVerificationKey field properties, set the validator to "Equal Value Validator" in the Choose Validator tab. Then, go to the Configure Equal Value Validator tab as shown in the figure below.

Figure 2: Configuring Equal Value Validator

Make sure that "Field Id" is pointing to the other field that requires validation which, in this case, is "verificationKey".

You may customize the error message to be shown when validation fails.

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