Popup Select Box is an enhancement of the ordinary SelectBox. Instead of selecting from a generic drop-down list, the Popup Select Box allows you to select from a Datalist instead.

Figure 1: Popup Select Box in New Contact Form in the CRM App

Figure 2: Making a Selection Using the Popup Select Box

By incorporating a datalist in making a selection, you'll be able to access the functionality of Datalist and see other related details as well.

Figure 3: Selection Made Using Popup Select Box

Figure 4: Properties of Popup Select Box

Figure 5: Properties - Edit Popup Select Box

IDElement ID
LabelElement Label
Data ListDatalist to list down options.
Display FieldOption Label

Figure 6: Properties - Advanced Options

Default ValueDefault Value (Must be the Option ID)
ID FieldOption ID
Multiple SelectionMultiple Selection Toggle
URL Request Parameters for Datalist

Dynamically filter the eventual listing for selection based on current form fields' values.

Please continue to read on to learn more about configuring this attribute.

ValidatorAttach Validator

Determines if the element is editable

Display field as Label when readonly?

Displays the value of the element as plain text when element is set to "Readonly".

Select Button LabelSelect Button Label
Popup Dialog HeightPopup Dialog Height in pixel
Popup Dialog WidthPopup Dialog Width in pixel
Workflow VariableName of the Workflow Variable to write the value of this element into.

URL Request Parameters for Datalist

Figure 7: URL Request Parameters for Datalist - Configuration

In the example above, we are using the value of hidden field with id "country_default" to the Datalist with a parameter named as "country". If there's no value set in the hidden field, then it will use with default value of "local".

Figure 8: URL Request Parameters for Datalist - Datalist Builder

On the other hand, one will need able to utilize the parameter value being passed over from the Popup Selectbox. In the Datalist's binder, we are using the following expression to filter the dataset.

Extra Filter Condition Expression
e.customProperties.country = '#requestParam.country#'
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