Dynamic Cascading for Select Box / Radio button / Checkbox

In Version 3.0.3, Joget added support for Dynamic Cascading for Select Box / Radio button / Checkbox. This allows these fields to dynamically load available options based on the other field value.

How it works?

It load all the available options at once then show/hide it when the value of controlling field is change. Please refer to Dynamic Cascading Drop-Down List to understand about this feature.

Ajax Cascading Drop-Down List

Come to Version 4.0.0 release, Joget enhanced this feature to support Ajax loading of cascade options.

Tremendous performance improvement

This feature helps to improve the performance when you have a huge number of options and when you only want a few options shown that is related to your controlling field to be loaded and shown.

Turning on with just a flick of switch

Figure 1: Turning on AJAX Cascading feature

To turn AJAX loading on, you only need one extra step from Dynamic Cascading Drop-Down List tutorial.

Check on the checkbox of "Use AJAX for cascade options?" when you are configuring the Options Binder.

This property option is currently available in:-

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