This article describes the ways to filter records based on the value in the request parameter.

Figure 1: Designing in Datalist Builder - Determine the column name

First of all, determine the column name that you would like to filter. In the example as depicted above (Figure 1), we are going to use "approval" as the column to be filtered.

Figure 2: Designing in Datalist Builder - Adding the filter

Then, go to Source, and add in the appropriate Extra Filter Condition.

e.customProperties.approval = '#requestParam.status#'

Figure 3: Designing in Datalist Builder - Adding the filter

It is also possible to add the filter in when you are using the Advanced Form Row Data Binder as depicted in Figure 3.

Figure 4: Filtering in Userview

As depicted in Figure 4, the listing will now take the request parameter "status" into consideration now when displaying the records.

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