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Hi all (smile)

I'm new to Joget and i would like to implement a process like this :

  • the first user fills in a first form
  • when submited, the 2nd user fills another form
  • when submited, the 1st one validate all.

I've setup 2 forms and this process :


Where's the starting point of this workflow ?

If I log in with clark, nothing happens when I fill the form 1 (sad)

Thanks for your explanations (smile)

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      Matthew, I've installed the both. Yes it's what I want to do. But that does not work !

      For Simple Leave, there's a 404 on "Setup your employee leave entitlements"...

      For Purchase Requisition example, Purchase Requisition Process says the "Requestor" is mapped to Performer in the org chart. Since I don't know where it's described, I've mapped it to user "cat"... but when I try to do a "New purchase requisition", the page says "Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page" :#

      Is there a book or a doc somehere I shall understand how it was built ? (sad)

      1. Matthew King

        Hi Stef Are you running the Joget Enterprise Workflow? Cos the Leave and Purchase Requisition apps are designed for Joget Enterprise version only. Joget Enterprise Workflow platform is free for 3 users. For question 2, go to Run Process and click the button "Remove Mapping" below the heading "Process Start White List ID" to allow any one to run the process, even if you are not logged in.

      2. stef

        Thanks for advice, you're right I use the community version to test Joget and know if it shall be used by my cie.... If I can't test I'll never buy :( even if I test, I need a clear pricing to know where I'm going.. Is there a matrix somewhere that compares the 2 versions ? Thanks a lot!

      3. Walter

        You can see the comparisons at and You can evaluate using the enterprise edition with the free 3 users license. Cheers

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      Hi Stef

      You can download and try out this free small simple app Purchase Requisition ( in Joget Marketplace to learn how to map the forms to workflow and run a process.

      The starting point of this workflow is the RunProcess or you can set it to the first activity in your workflow (for this, leave the RunProcess mapping empty).

      Another useful free app to learn by breaking open and examine each form, list and userview usage is the Simple Leave app at

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