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  • Used to extend methods of executing an action on list item. E.g. Delete a record
  • Datalist Action Plugin can be used as Datalist row action as single record action or as whole list action for multiple records. It also can use in individual column by configure it in Column - Action Mapping.   
  • A useable Datalist Action Element plugin must extends org.joget.apps.form.model.Element abstract class.

Abstract Class


Method Detail

Abstract Methods
public java.lang.String getLinkLabel()

Descriptive name for the action

public java.lang.String getHref()

Optional link to a URL

public java.lang.String getTarget()

Optional link to a URL

public java.lang.String getHrefParam()

Name of the parameter if linked, separated by semicolon ";" if has multiple.

public java.lang.String getHrefColumn()

Name of the column to use for the param value if linked, separated by semicolon ";" if has multiple.

public java.lang.String getConfirmation()

Message for confirmation

public org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataListActionResult executeAction(org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataList dataList,java.lang.String[] rowKeys)

Method to perform the action on selected rows

Overridable Methods
public java.lang.Boolean getVisibleOnNoRecord();

Flag that decide to show an action object or not

Default to the value of property "visible".

Plugin Properties Options

Predefined Property  


  • getVisibleOnNoRecord method use this value to decide whether or not show this action when no record in the datalist
        label : '@@datalist.hyperlinkdatalistaction.visible@@',
        name : 'visible',
        type : 'checkbox',
        options : [
            {'value' : 'true', 'label' : ''}


Related Community Plugins

  • Form Row Delete Action
    org.joget.apps.datalist.lib.FormRowDeleteDataListAction (wflow-core)
  • Data List Hyperlink Action
    org.joget.apps.datalist.lib.HyperlinkDataListAction (wflow-core)



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