Figure 1: Screenshot highlighting columns added in Datalist Builder

Figure 2: Column Properties


Column name

This is the name that you will need to use to refer to when defining Extra Filter Condition in the Source's Binder .

LabelColumn label.
SortableWhen checked, user will be able to sort the data list using this column.
HiddenWhen checked, this column will not be shown/visible to the end users but will still be rendered in the background.
Exclude in export?

When checked, this column will not show up when user export them by clicking on the export links at the bottom of the list.


Width of the column in characters, you can enter in px or percentage (preferable).
For example: 200px or 20%.

Inline Style

Column inline styling in CSS.

For example: background-color: blue;

Figure 3: Column Properties - Action Mapping


Figure 3: Column Properties - Formatter

FormatterAttach a Formatter plugin to transform the current value. See Column Formatter for more information.

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