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SLA Report provides you with high-level reports on the performance of processes where an SLA is implemented.

Before such report can be generated, one must first enable the Process Data Collector at each intended Joget App. Please see Enabling Data Collection for SLA Implementation.


Figure 1: Screenshot of SLA Report in a Userview

Figure 2: Screenshot of SLA Report in a Userview - specific process view

Figure 3: SLA Report Properties

Custom ID

Item link slug. Optional field.

Unique field

Value defined here must be unique to the rest of the Userview Menus as the first matching name will be called upon.

LabelMenu label. Mandatory field.

Figure 4: SLA Report Properties - UI

Custom Header

Custom Header in HTML.

Custom FooterCustom Footer in HTML.


SLA Report Run Time View

The userview SLA Report menu provide two views:

  1. First level: overview of all process SLA
  2. Second level: overview of all activities under the selected process (accessed by clicking the process name in first level view).

If your app has uncompleted activities/tasks, the 'Max Delay' timer will continue to increment as the system calculates the maximum delay time based on current time.


Guide To The SLA Display Columns

  • Min Delay (Seconds): The shortest (minimum) delay across all activities per process.
  • Max Delay (Seconds): The longest (maximum) delay across all activities per process. This value will continue to increment as long as there are pending or uncompleted activities for each process.
  • Ratio On Time (%): Percentage count of activities completed on time or 'no delays' divided by total activities.
  • Ratio With Delay (%): Percentage count of activities delayed divided by total activities.
  • Service Level Monitor: Ratio On Time vs Service Level indicator configured in General Settings fields 'Medium Warning Level' and 'Critical Warning Level. If the 'Ratio On Time' is less than Medium Warning Level, it will change color to yellow. If the 'Ratio On Time' is less than Critical Warning Level, it will change color to red.



You can configure the Performance settings in this Userview Element which allows one to cache existing content for improved performance and loading speed. Read more at Performance Improvement with Userview Caching.

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