In your process design, you may include a Tool element and map it to the Email Tool.

Configure email server settings in the Plugin Configuration dialog box.

Figure 1: Email Setting

In the Email tab, customize the content of the email.

Figure 2: Customizing the Email Content

You may make use of hash variables in your email message to gain access to useful information such as requester's details, form data, etc.

Figure 3: Including File Attachments

You can also include file attachments in the email by looking up the files uploaded in a form or by providing a system path or URL for external files.

Note: If you want to setup a task notification for new tasks, please see User Notifications.

Verifying SMTP Server Connectivity

You will need to check with the server administrator on permission for connection/port for the SMTP server. A quick way to check connectivity to the server is to execute the following command:

telnet 25
Connecting To

Upon successful connection, you will see this message:

+OK Microsoft Exchange Server 2001 POP3 server version (sampleDomain.local) ready.

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