This process tool plugin allows you to burn native tokens and NFTs that was previously minted on the Cardano blockchain.


  • Do ensure that the minter account has sufficient balance of native tokens or NFT in possession for the specified amount to burn.
  • Do ensure that the minter account has sufficient balance for the required transaction fee to burn assets.

Plugin Properties

Configure Cardano Burn Token Tool

Network Type

See Cardano Default Backend Plugin

Backend Service
Blockfrost Project Key

Token Burning Properties


Select a form to retrieve token burning data from.

All fields from the selected form will be made available for field mapping in the sections below.

Minting Account
Account Address

The account's address that wish to burn minted assets that this account possesses.

Account Mnemonic Phrase

This is the minter's account secret key required in order to perform actions with the account.

Only accepts Hash Variable that points to the account's encrypted stored mnemonic phrase.


Account Mnemonic Phrase MUST be strictly secured at all times, and only viewable to the intended user.

Do NOT key in the plain-text mnemonic phrase here.

Anyone who possesses this phrase has full unrestricted control and can do irreparable damage!

Token Burning Configuration
Burn Type

Select the type of asset to burn:

  • Native Token
  • NFT
Asset IDThe asset ID is basically a combination of the policy ID and hex encoded asset name.
The asset name is automatically derived from this value.
Minting Policy ID

The policy ID that was previously used to mint such asset.

The value retrieved here will be used to verify against the Asset ID value retrieved before continuing plugin execution.

Minting Policy Secret Key (encrypted)

The secret key that signed the minting policy.

Only accepts Hash Variable that points to the encrypted stored policy secret key.

Amount To Burn

This property will only appear when Burn Type is Native Token.
If Burn Type is NFT, this property is automatically hidden and is always set to 1.

Amount of native tokens to remove from total supply.

Do note that the account must possess at least the exact amount of such asset in order to burn.

Fee Limit (ADA)

The maximum limit for transaction fees in units of ADA.


Value can only contain max 6 decimal places.

If this is empty, no limit is applied.

Store Response To Workflow Variable

Is Transaction Successful

To indicate if this transaction has executed successfully. Returns true if successful, otherwise it returns false.

You can use this value in your process to route your business logic and fully customize the user experience flow. 

Is Transaction Validated

To indicate if this transaction has been successfully validated. 

This value will typically start with a false value. Only after the transaction has been confirmed/validated on the blockchain, only then this value will automatically be changed to true.

Transaction IDTo store the transaction ID of the transaction performed.
Transaction Explorer URL

To store an auto-generated URL to see transaction details on the official Cardano blockchain explorer.

Do note that explorers typically has a short delay to sync to the latest blockchain state in order to reflect your transactions.

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