The Report Builder introduces the simple drag-and-drop principle like the Form Builder, as a no-code/low-code alternative to create your own customized reports for Joget apps. This provides a seamless experience for users to create reports instead of using external report building softwares.

You can download the plugin from Joget Marketplace.

New Feature

The Report Builder is a plugin created for the Addon Builders. This is a new feature in Joget DX Enterprise and Professional editions.

Report Element & Report Properties

Report Hash Variables

  • The API IP/Domain Whitelist setting in General Settings needs to be configured in order for reportLink hash variable to work. If a request is from a non-whitelisted IP/domain, the response will be a HTTP 400 Bad Request.
  • For security purposes, the direct URL parsed from Report Link Hash Variable is dependent on user session (including Anonymous users where the parsed link will differ).
    For example, if user admin obtains the parsed URL and expose it to anonymous users, the link will be invalid.
  • - To attach reports in email tool.
  •[param1=value1&param2=value2]# - To attach reports in email tool with parameters passing.
  • - To populate dynamic report parameter values ( for example parameters set in report menu, subreport, etc. ).

Example hash variable:


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