The Report Menu UI menu will display reports created with the Report Builder.

This UI menu is already bundled in the Report Builder plugin.

Configure Report Menu

Edit Report

IDMenu element unique ID. Joget will use this ID in the URL if the Custom ID is empty.
Custom ID

Item link slug. Optional field.

Unique field

Ensure that value defined here is unique to other UI menus in the app, since the first matching/conflicting ID will take precedence in page loading.

LabelMenu label. Mandatory field.
ReportSelect a Report that you have created with the Report Builder, to display in the UI.
Report Parameters
NameParameter name.
ValueParameter value.
Default ValueDefault parameter value if there is no value set.

Figure 1: Report Menu Properties


Custom Header (HTML)Custom HTML to append to the header of the page.
Custom Footer (HTML)Custom HTML to append to the footer of the page.

Figure 2: Report - Advanced

Performance & Offline

  • Cache Settings


You can configure the Performance settings in this UI Menu which allows one to cache existing content for improved performance and loading speed.

Read more at Performance Improvement with UI Caching.

  • PWA Offline Settings
Enable cache for offline supportOnce enabled, this UI element will be accessible in the event of an offline environment. 

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