Typeahead Multiselect Filter is a Datalist Filter plugin that list possible choices based on user input while filling the search filter.

Available in DX 8

In Joget DX 8, this functionality is available in Options Filter > Multi Select Box.

Typeahead Multiselect Filter Properties 

Figure 1: Typeahead Multiselect Filter Properties

Default ValueDefines the prepopulated value of this datalist filter upon viewing this datalist.
Add Search Filter?

When checked, typing for search will be allowed.

Enable Select All?

Option to select all the available choices in the list.


To add options for filter search.

If your column stores the foreign key to another form table, you can make use of this Options Filter and set the Options Binder (i.e. Default Form Options Binder) so that you can search by using the label column configured.

Or Load Data From

An alternative way to add options for filter search dynamically.

Available options:

If any configuration is made on 'Options' property values, it will be ignored in case a configuration is made on any options binder.

If you have thousands of select options or sourcing them from Options Binder, this may cause significant increase on page load time. You may try to use grouping attribute below to selectively load required options.

Field Id to Control Available Options Based on GroupingDynamically change the available options based on the "grouping" attribute defined in the options by matching to the current value of the element ID defined.

Table1: Typeahead Multiselect Filter Properties description

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