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An Enterprise user is someone who needs to login to Joget platform to use the system.

If a form requires the person to "login" before he/she can use the form, then that person is a user and requires a user license.  And the user licensing is based on named user licensing model.


The Enterprise Edition comes default with "3 Users free". The "3 users" refer to users who can login to Joget platform .

In the image below, the 3 free users will always be the first three in the user listing (username sorted alphabetically). So for example, if user "cat" is deleted, then "david" will be one of the 3 free users. 


How do I get my "system key"?

Inside Settings > General Settings > License,  click on "License: Joget DX Enterprise 8".

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In your Joget Settings page, you can see the system information and license details with a clickable license link that opens a popup to key in your license key. You can find your system key here.

Do see Activate your Joget DX Enterprise License for more info.

Or you can read this how-to article, "How to Activate Your Joget DX Enterprise License?"


Do check out our Upgrade Guide.


Go to [Joget installation folder]\apache-tomcat-x.x.xx\logs and locate the log files.

Or alternatively, you can also directly view the system logs in Joget via the admin bar, do see Web App Log Viewer.

Can Joget Apps be protected from unauthorized copying?

Yes. You can protect the apps you develop on Joget DX 8 platform against unauthorized copying and distribution.


How do I monitor the health of my Joget server?

Joget runs on the Java platform, you can use external tools like VisualVM to monitor the Java VM.

Or, you can also easily monitor your system's performance metrics via the Application Performance Management to view overall system metrics and even as granular as per individual apps.

Why are my process image thumbnails not showing?

The process image generation may have failed, please refer to Process thumbnails not showing.


Features FAQ

Is it possible for the requestor to view his request history from the



Yes; a datalist can be used for this. Actual columns and data will depend on how you build the datalist.

Is there a feature to delete, backup/export and import forms, and to delete processes,


UIs and apps created?

Yes; apps (processes, forms, datalists and userviewsUIs) can be deleted, imported and exported.

Why isn't there a Cancel button for the


UI form? Currently, there is only a Save Draft/Submit button.

If your process requires users to "reject" or "cancel" a task, it can and should be designed into your process itself.

For example, in your form, include an option to "accept", "complete" or "reject". Or use a feature to allow submission of a form before starting a process by mapping the form to the "Run Process" activity.

Also, the administrator can manually stop a process while it is running. And to allow end users to withdraw their own started process instances, you can also take advantage of the Process Enhancement Plugin from the Joget Marketplace.

Is it possible for a user to access a form without logging in?


Yes; you can export the whole app to backup. Do see this guide, Import and Export Apps and App Configuration Management.

Once a process is approved, can the process be designed such that it automatically kick-starts another process?



. You can automatically kick-start another process after one ends, using the JSON Tool plugin and with combination of the API Builder plugin from the Joget Marketplace.

Why do I keep getting "Please wait while the image is being generated..." message for my Process thumbnail?

You will get this only when you're viewing the process for the first time and only if your process is very complicated, with many activities.  It will then require some time to generate the image. Sometimes,  it can also take very long because of multiple processes in your app.  Generating the previerw preview image for each process can take a longer time.


Mobile view for your apps are enabled by default. An app can have multiple UserviewsUIs. To disable the mobile web view for a UserviewUI, go to your app "Userview UI Builder" and under "Properties", go to "Theme" then "Advance", and uncheck the "Enable Responsive Switch in Mobile Device".