Hi all,

Is there a standard Approve,Reject function for all the workflow levels? At the moment we have to create the Option buttons and pass the variables. But for other workflow levels again we have to Create new form to have the approve or reject options. Which in turn relates to different table views. It should be one table and Approve/Reject/Escalate etc. functions must be recorded for same table entries for different workflow levels. It means at which level what was the action taken.

Please advise.


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  1. Hi Amarjit,

    There's no standard approve or reject function because it depends on the process. Each process could and probably will be very different. Yes, you would be using different forms at different activities, but they can point to the same database tables so that all the data are captured there.

    You might want to check out some of the sample apps to study how it could work e.g. http://marketplace.joget.org/v3/v3enterprise/hr-expenses-claim-app.html or http://marketplace.joget.org/v3/v3enterprise/jwa-isr.html

    You could also use the v4 App Generator to generate an app which demonstrates an approval process with audit trails.

    Hope this helps!