Joget DX Preview Release Available for Download

Check out Joget DX, the next generation successor to Joget Workflow for faster, simpler digital transformation.

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Joget Workflow apps can range from a simple database-driven app, to a complex approval process, or even a full-fledged solution (e.g. CRM) which incorporates workflow, data management and reporting.

The App Center is the default landing page in Joget v5 which displays a grid of published apps. To access the App Center, use a web browser to access the Joget server at  http://localhost:8080/jw (Replace localhost and 8080 with the appropriate server host and port if necessary)

Figure 1: App Center

What defines the listing in App Center?

A Joget App may contain one or more Userviews.

Each Userview that is accessible by the current logged in user will appear in the App Center accordingly.

Figure 2: Marketplace

One can also easily browse through available apps listed in the Marketplace and seamlessly install it into its own environment.

Figure 3: App Center (Logged in as Administrator)

When a user with Administrator role logged in into the system, a sidebar will appear on the right. The sidebar provides administrative access to various parts of the system. They are:-


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