I want to display the name of the running processes in a separate row in my inbox, so i can differentiate the running processes without open any single task.

The standard-inbox is very uncomfortable if you have to deal with parallel processes which possibly includes the same names of activities.

How can I solve my problem? All I want is to add this row - the rest of my inbox is ok.


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  1. Hi Sebastian,

    You may want to take a look at Datalist Inbox Userview Menu (Inbox with Form Data). That might be the one that you are looking for. Thanks.

    1. Hello Hugo. There are some additional documentation for the use of the property? In fact, this feature is only available to the enterprise version?

  2. Is it possible to search in inbox and process list?
    I need to search for social security numbers of customers.


    1. Not at the moment. As for now, the best workaround is to use the Datalist.

      Inbox and process list is only good for workflow process data/tasks and not to traversing through user form data. Searching through Datalist that revolves around user form data is a better idea.