Hi, I am using Joget. I want to send a form link or activity link in which i uploaded file and inserted values.

now i want to sent this form link with mail in  next task (ie. mail task)  for download the attached  file  or view the inserted value.

Pls help me.

Thanks in advance,

Sachin Jaiswal

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  1. Hi Sachin,

    Thanks for trying out Joget and welcome to the community. I believe you are looking for User Notification. You can also see Export Form Email Tool if you needs to attach form in the email.

    Hope this will get you somewhere. Cheers~

    1. Thanks Hugo

      for help, i have read document and implemented that.


  2. Hi Hugo

    Can i send email having filll in form in community edition




  3. Hi Kamran,

    If I catch your question correctly, do you want to embed a form inside an email? I dont' think it is possible, but you can send the form as a link.