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Counter Increment Tool is used to increase a workflow variable or an environment variable within a workflow. This can be handy for activities such as loops. To use this tool correctly you will need to place it within a loop in your workflow (a transition out of the tool, and later a transition that passes back into the tool).

Figure 1: Counter Increment Tool Plugin Configuration

The following configuration options are available:

  • Type - Select 'Workflow Variable' or 'Environment Variable'. You can increment either type using this tool.
  • Variable Name - Enter the name of the workflow variable or environment variable that you wish to increment.
  • Initial Counter Value - Enter the value that the variable should initially be set to. Note: If the variable already has a value when this tool is executed for the first time, that value will be overwritten.
  • Increment Value - The amount that will be added to the variable each time this tool is called in your workflow.
  • Reset when value exceeded - Optionally enter a threshold value after which the counter will be reset to the 'Initial Counter Value'.
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