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You can define the system locale to automatically display the following values in your Joget DX system:

  • timezone
  • language
  • date format

By clicking the System Locale and Using Locale Date Format checkbox, you can control how date and language is presented system-wide.

Figure 1: System Settings.

Figure 2: Datalist using en_US locale where date displays as mm/dd/yyyy.

Figure 3: Datalist using en_GB locale where date displays as dd/mm/yyyy.

This is the list of elements/modules but not limited to that may be influenced by locale settings.

  • Date Picker
  • Date Formatter
  • Inbox
  • Inbox Menu
  • Universal Inbox Menu
  • Process Monitoring
  • Date Hash Variable
  • Process Status Menu
  • Datalist Inbox Menu

Relevant Attributes: System Time Zone, System Locale, System Date Format

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