New Feature

HTML Code is a new feature in Joget DX 8 Page Components.


You can use HTML Code Component to design the layout or code in HTML/CSS/JS.

Configure HTML Code


HTML is a page component can be used to achieve advanced form design by putting in any valid -

  1. HTML

    <b>this text is in bold</b>
    <input type="text" id="fname" name="fname" value="">

    The <input> Element

    Any <input> element in the custom HTML will automatically create a database table column based on the name attribute. 

    To retrieve the value back, you can enable Auto populate saved value? under Advanced Options below.

  2. JavaScript (jQuery is supported)
    Don’t forget to put in <script type="text/javascript"></script> block

    <script type="text/javascript">
    alert("hello world");
  3. CSS
    Don’t forget to put in <style type="text/css"></style> block

    <style type="text/css">
     font-size: 100%;

Item link slug. Optional field.

Ensure that value defined here is unique to other UI menus in the app, since the first matching/conflicting ID will take precedence in page loading.

Event Listening 

Figure 4: Configure Event Listening

Component Object

The object that will be listening for an event.

This field will dynamically show selectable options depending on the page components used. e.g: if there is a page component called manage meeting in the page, it will automatically show up in this field's select box.

Event NameCustom Event Name
Matched Action 
  • Hide Component
  • Show Component
Add RowAdds another row for another event
  • No labels