Page Components allow users to configure the UI of the app's page with ease.

It can be used to configure the page to the user's requirements.

New Feature

This is a new feature in Joget DX 8.

The UI Builder now suggests an ID to a Page Component based on the Label you have entered for that element. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

AJAX & Events

AJAX & Events

AJAX & Events are only available at the Page Component level.

Event Listening

Figure 2: AJAX & Events - Event Listening

Component Object

The object that will be listening for an event.

This field will dynamically show selectable options depending on the page components used. e.g: if there is a page component called manage meeting in the page, it will automatically show up in this field's select box.

Event NameCustom Event Name.
Matched Action 

Action to be listened for.

  • Hide Component
  • Show Component
  • Show and Reload Component
  • Show and Change URL Component Parameters
  • Reload Page
  • Redirect Page
  • Show and Redirect Component
Add row Adds another row for another event

Event Triggering

Figure 3: AJAX & Events - Event Triggering

Event NameCustom Event Name
Trigger Method

The method used to trigger an event.

  • GET Request
  • POST Request
  • Link Clicked
Parameter NameCustom Parameter Name.

Logical Operator to be used in evaluating "Parameter" against "Value"

  • Equals To
  • Not Equals To
  • Greater Than 
  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than or Equals To
  • Less than
  • Less than or equals to
  • Is True
  • Is False
  • Is Empty
  • Is Not Empty
  • Contains
  • In
  • Regex Match
ValueThe value that the Parameter will be compared to.
When Not Match Trigger Event NameEvent Name when/if the logical operation is not satisfied.
Add rowAdd another row for another event.

List of Page Components

UI Elements as Page Components

Some UI Elements will be made available as Page Components.

List of Exclusive Page Components

List of Page Components available as UI Elements

Sample App for exclusive Page Components


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