I am currently evaluating a workflow platform for my department, Joget is in my evaluation list.

I want to design a form with a Text Field where the input of this Text Field must be restricted to a field value of another table/form. I understand that this can be achieved via SelectBox, however, the respective look-up table/form will have 30K records, and it could grow up to 100K in couple of years. So using a SelectBox to restrict the input is not very practical.

The Text Field is equipped with basic validator tools (e.g. default & duplicate) which does not meet the requirement. Is there a way to write some custom codes to validate the input against another table/form when moving to next field in the same form, or upon clicking <Save As Draft> or <Complete> button?

Thanks in advance for sharing.

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  1. Hi Doris,

    You should be able to use the Ajax Cascading Drop-Down List feature in v4 to dynamically retrieve values using AJAX. There are also other form element types you could use e.g. Multi Select BoxPopup Select Box, etc

    Hope this helps!

    Best Regards

    1. Thanks Julian. I am using the community version. I need to do something like a POC to the Management before I can propose the enterprise version. However, the enterprise version only comes with 3 free users which I might not be able to fully demonstrate how the teams in the department can be guided in the workflow (these people can't visualize much and need to see it to believe it... lol). If there is a 60 days enterprise evaluation license with full capability, it would be great, I think.

      I have couple of comments:

      1. With non-Java programmer background, there are some challenges for me. I am hungry for more documentation and I think it would be great if there is Java API documentation. I follow the "Store Form Field Data to Multiple Tables" topic and find it useful, but I think an average Joe may not be able to write such 'complex' codes (especially the normalStoring() method) without some guidance (maybe just me... lol).

      2. I think it would be a great feature if there is an "event handling" feature during the start, "save as" and completion of a workflow activity. I know this can be worked around by leveraging the system tool object in workflow and also the bean shell form binder of a Form Section's store binder... but:

      a. Putting a system tool task after each activity task (with 'split' route object) in the workflow makes the design a bit ugly.

      b. Using the store binder will override the default saving behavior of a form... then we need the normalStoring() method to bring back the behavior, which may reduce the friendliness and easiness of the software which targets on RAD.

      Just my 2 cents :-)

      Thanks for creating this great piece of software! 

      1. Hi Doris,

        If you need an evaluation license for the Enterprise Edition, please do request for a free trial following the steps in How to Activate Your Joget Workflow Enterprise License?

        Thanks for the feedback and kind compliment :)