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ID Generator Field is used to produce a running number based on an Environment variable.  To learn more about its usage, refer to Generate Reference ID.

Figure 1: ID Generator Field

Figure 2: ID Generator Field Properties


Element ID


Element Label

Environment Variable Name

Name of the environment variable to be used to keep the running number


Determines the pattern of the generated value (e.g., "REF-?????" will yield "REF-00001")


Determines if the element should be made visible in the form

You may map the generated value of this element to a workflow variable.

Read more about Workflow Variables.


  1. The format is REF-??? and the last value is REF-999, what will be the next generated string/number?
    The next generated value will be REF-1000. The ? symbol is mainly used to fill up the leading zeros in a number.
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