1. The "workflow variable" as describe at 1:18 in the Joget Basic Training: 02 Design - Part 2 on YouTube doesn't behave like it does in the video.  Are workflow variable different in the newest version?  Or am I missing something?

    1. That's the video for Joget version 2. This is how Joget version 3's process properties will look like. Rest assured, apart from the visual changes, both behaves the same.

  2. dear hugo,

    i'm looking for deadline variable on joget ver 3. im not found it.

    this is capture for ver 2

    im using deadline variable for my latest project, but when i want to upgrade version to version 3, is not there
    any helpfull advice to set deadline variable in joget ver 3,?
    cause i use deadline variable to customise speed process.


    1. HI there,

      The field "Deadline limit" in v3's Workflow Designer combines the functionality of both "Deadline limit" and "Deadline variable" of v2.

      1. which mean, we can put workflow variable on deadline limit input...?

        1. Yes, that's right

  3. Hi all

    I want to set te process name in a text field in a form. How can I do it? please help me.


    1. What's the bigger problem you are trying to solve here?

    2. Hi Dark Devil,

      To obtain information about process instance (eg. Process name), you can make use of the Assignment hash variable. Hope this helps.

  4. Hello,

    Is there any functionality, or module to provide substitution functionality?

    Thank you,