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  1. hi.. why when at userview the process is too slow? Now joget i put on VPS..

    We access it from end user desktop..

    1. Hi Siti,

      There are many factors that leads to this issue. Can you check if its a connectivity issue? Try to replicate the actions in the server itself to see if its the network connectivity that causes the slowdown.

      Also, you can check with your server administrator on assessing the performance and fine tuning the resources allocated for your hosted Joget instance.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Huhh, many many thanks.. it works after 3 days investigation.. That is because there are header used are from another link.. After put it in root images folder, it become as usual. Thank you Hugo..

  2. hi,

    why is import csv showing correct number of row inserted but not displaying data.pls i need help, i'm new in joget

    1. Hi there,

      Can you list down the steps you have taken (together with the exported app if possible) and attach the CSV file for us to inspect?


  3. Is it possible to customize app center look (first landing page)?

    I'm a dev so modifying source code is an option too if absolutely necessary.