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  1. I have installed the version 3 Beta and the Workflow Designer is missing. The file http://localhost:8080/wflow-wfweb doesn't exists in the folder.

    Anybody could help me how to install this piece of software?

    This is the image from my C: drive ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      The context for Workflow Management Console has changed to /jw in v3. So, you may try http://localhost:8080/jw in your web browser, after starting up Joget Workflow server. Alternatively, in Windows installation, you can also open the "Joget Workflow v3 Beta > Web Console" from Windows Start menu.

  2. Hi,

    I had a problem deploying jogetV3  to Jelastic....problem occur at phpmyadmin.TQ

    1. Hi Joseph,

      What kind of errors are you getting?

      1. upload SQL file to jelastic MariaDB. max size to upload is 2MB and are the steps to deploy jogetV3 to jelastic.Tq

        1. Hi Joesph,

          I think I missed something. What is the error that you are getting again?

  3. We just posted this how-to today which may help you Joseph - http://blog.jelastic.com/2013/06/10/how-to-deploy-joget-cluster/

  4. if we are planning to deploy joget v3 community edition (all in one linux bundle), what will be the recommendation for hardware requirements like hard disk/memory size and CPU core. 

    1. Hi there,

      Please see Joget Workflow Deployment Best Practices.

      Hope this helps. Thanks.